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13 September 2008 @ 01:55 pm
Hey guys! Guess what? I come, bearing ICONS! Holy crap, right?

Not many rules, since these are OUR quotes.

Really, just let me know if you're going to use them outside of your character journal, kay? I like knowing my art is being spread across teh inturwebz.

So... teh ICONS!


1.                              2.                                   3. 
4.                              5.                               6.
7.                              8.                               9.

TEASERS: 'Asian Hooker' - credit to Kyuubi, Neji, and Haku
'Frodo-i-ann slip' - Naruko
'Big Countries, Big Maps' Kiba and Naruko

1- Kankuro    2- Minato   3- Minato   4- Naruko  5- Naruko   6- Minato   7- Minato   8- Neji   9- Naruko

If you have a funny quote, SUBMIT IT!

Shino Aburame: three//thinkinggigabugbyte on September 14th, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
Shino Quotes Time. Take Your Pick Bebe <3
It is only the beginning I assure you. Har. Har. My sides. I think you have split them.

I was asking you to shut up. Politely.

"That is not funny, Kiba. Is he really? He is in my closet, Kiba. I think he is... regurgitating, your sock somewhere that he thinks it belongs.

"Also, neither of you have a chance in hell of invading Serbia if this keeps up. "

Furthermore, your internet privileges have officially been revoked. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Chainsaw gun? I do not believe I have ever heard of such a thing. It does sound rather effective.

Although it is a common misconception by the culinarily challenged, cake is in fact nothing like bacon. At all.

Perhaps, it is because I thought that you did not eat?

Besides, the fact is I find it hard to deny you anything, especially when you use the kitty face. :3

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